June 13th, first long swim session

This is the inaugural post in the section “Road to Rottnest”. In this section I will uploal stuff more specifically related to my preparation for the Rottnest channel crossing. I will post here ad hoc training sessions (like this one), results of my experiments with long distance swimming nutrition and all that funky and cool stuff that I will learn until, during and after the Big Day. 

This first post is about today’s long swim session. I am planning to do progressively long swim session (over 10k) one or twice a month along with my usual training. Here it is today’s one (12k):

800 fs @12′ (to warm up a bit)
2 × 600 fs @ 8’30” 
5 × 200 fs @2’50”
10 × 100 fs @1’25”
800 fs @12′ (band)
2 × 600 fs @9′ (band)
5 × 200 fs @3′ (pull + band)
10 × 100 fs @1’25” (pull + band)
800 fs @11’20”
2 × 600 fs @8’30”
5 × 200 fs @2’50”
10 × 100 fs @1’25” (fins)

I felt ok until 9~10k, then the fatigue came in. The overall pace was not extenuant, but I felt particularly tired the last km, even if I was cheating with fins. Lessons learned today: volume is not useless, sometimes you need quality, some other times quantity. Today I realize that I cannot certainly think of doing 19.7k in the ocean with swimming only 5~7 quality kilometres each session.