About me

I started swimming again after 12 years. I had participated in swimming competitions until I was 22. I consider my all time best a 1500 freestyle in 15’49″66, long course. I also did a 5 km in 55’25” (not an excellent time, I recognize) in a long course championship. Then my life decided to take another direction, outside of the water.

After moving twice across two continents, it happened to go back to the swimming pool. It happened to enjoy again the smell of chlorinated water and that feeling of gliding through it. I decided to go back to swim and to sign up for masters swimming. Now I am training sometimes alone and sometimes with a group of awesome long distance swimmers. I am also affiliated with a masters swimming club and I participate in open water races and swimming pool meet.

In this blog I write about my training sessions, my meetings, my goal and results, and also my random thoughts about swimming.