Training July 11th, 2017

Swimming pool, 7 k  (1h 50′)

600 fs
400 fs (pull)
200 (50 back/50 fs)
300 (50 build up/50 slow)
2 × (5 × 200 fs @2’35” + 400 pull)
5 × 200 fs @2’35” (paddles)
600 fs (fins)
600 (fins, 25m arms fly-kick fs/75m fs swim)
400 kick (fins
100 easy

Notes: I wrote this program for today because at least once a week I need a “fast paced” workout with just a little rest, and doing sets of 200s on a 2’35” cycle helps. For the first two set I was a bit stif, but I swam an average of 2’25”, holding the same pace through the sets. The first one of the third set, with paddles, was in 2’19”, the last in 2’24”. Must hold the same pace with paddles too the next time.


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