Training July 7th, 2017

Swimming pool, 6 km (1h 40′)

5 × 200 (100 swim/50 kick/50 pull; 3rd back, 5th fly)
3 × 200 @4’30” (50 kick/50 drill/50 side kick/50 dolphin kick)
30 × 100 @1’30” (odd slow/even starting at + 10″ from threshold time and dropping 1″ each even 100 until -4″)
2 × 600 fs (1st pull + paddles, 2nd paddles)
100 easy

Notes: at the beginning of this workout I struggled a bit with kicks but then I really enjoyed the main set, many thanks to our trainer. It was not “hard”, but it required concentration and a certain feel for the pace. I think that I did it fairly well, doing the first 100 in 1’22” and the last in 1’08”.


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