July 2nd, 13k long set

Maybe for somebody 13k is not an extra long session, but for me at this point it is. I really hope it will come soon when I will remember this with a smile as a medium distance. This is part of my idea of doing a “long” set once a month (or somewhat less than a month), adding a km each time, with the goal of covering the distance of the Rottnest channel swim roughly three or four weeks before the event, next year in February. Anyway, today’s set started at 5:35am and it took 3hrs and 10′. I wrote it as a 6.5km pattern to repeat twice, with longer (800m) and shorter (100) distances to vary pace and rest time.

600 @9′
4 × 400 @5’40”
4 × 200 @2’45”
800 @11’30”
4 × 300 @4’20”
15 × 100 @1’25”
600 @8’30”
4 × 400 @5’30” (paddles)
4 × 200 @3′ (pull)
800 @11’30”
4 × 300 @4’20”
15 × 100 @1’25”

At the end I felt much better than the 12k set a few weeks ago. This time I also tested some kind of “feeding”: I prepared two 750ml bottles, one with electrolytes and 5gr of bbca, the other with electrolytes and 25gr of dextrose. I drank a bit of both during the session, but really slowly. I finished the last 200ml of the dextrose bottle at 11.5k, but at the end I still had half of the other. Half through the session I had one maltodextrine gel (32GI, I like this brand) and at the 10.3k I had a small 5gr caffeine gel. I really didn’t need the caffeine gel, but I may need it in the future for longer distance and I wanted to test it in advance. Anyway, overall everything seems to have worked without any side effect.


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