Training June 26th, 2017

Swimming pool, 6 km (1h 40′)

1000 fs
12 × 25 fs @30″ (easy/build/explosion/fast),
12 × 25 fly @40″,
3 × (10 × 50) fs @1′ (fast, 1st set swim, 2nd set paddles, 3rd set paddles + fins),
200 easy kick
10 × 50 fs @1′ (20m explosion, then easy)
200 easy
700 fs (band + pull)
700 fs (finger paddles)
500 (fins, 50 dolphin kick/50 fs easy)

Notes: this was not an heavy session, but that pulled muscle on my back got worst over the weekend and I couldn’t swim well. It was actually a bit painfull to rise my head while swimming. Maybe working with paddles has not been a wise choice, but I really hope to get better over the next few days.


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