Training June 23rd, 2017

Swimming pool, 5.7 km (1h 40′)

500 fs
500 fs (pull)
12 × 25 fly @30″
200 fs drills
6 × 300 @5′ (fast, 1st to 3rd paddles in 3’35″/3’37″/3’40”, 4th to 5th swim in 3’44″~3’45”)
200 kick easy
9 × 100 +2′ (fly-back/back-breast/breast-free)
50 easy + 50 fs sprint
100 easy
1000 fs (pull + band + paddles)
100 easy

Notes: today I felt good, no major issues with pulled muscles but I can still feel a little pain in the neck, I hope it will be over in the next few days. This workout by our “coach” of the informal squad was helpfull to use other muscles too.


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