Training June 7th, 2017

Swimming pool, 7km (2h)

800 fs
3 × 200 fs (1st kick, 2nd pull, 3rd drills)
4 × 100  im
1000 fs (time trial, in 12’10”)
3 × 400 fs (skills, 1st paddles, 2nd fins, 3rd swim)
4 × 100 @1’50” (1st 25m im order)
4 × 50 @1′ (25 fast/25 easy)
600 fs (fins)
800 fs (pull + paddles)
600 fs (pull + band)
400 fs (swim)

Notes: this was supposed to be my tapering week, but I did 7k today too. However, the main set distance is decreasing and I am not doing any lifting this week. I was even told if I don’t believe in tapering…it’s not that I don’t believe in it, it’s just that around 5k tomorrow and 3k Friday maybe can do the trick for Saturday meet.


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