Training June 3rd, 2017

Swimming pool, 7km (1h 50′)

400 fs
400 fs (pull)
200 fs (25 fast/25easy);
1500 fs (fast with band, in 19’57”)
5 × 100 fs @1’45” (pull)
1500 fs (fast, in 18’45”)
5 × 100 fs @1’45” (pull)
1500 fs (fins, every 4th lap fly)
5 × 100 fs @1’30”

Notes: today was supposed to be a kind of time trial test over long distance swim. Two 15 hundreds, the first with an elastic band, and the second regular. I really don’t know if I should be happy amd satisfied or concerned. On one hand, I hold the time I usually do on fast sets of shorter distances, on the other hand I am still far from my goal. Today I tried a supplement mix during the session, 10gr of electrolytes and bcaa with 30gr of dextrose, in 600ml of water. At the end, I think it worked pretty fine.


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