Training May 30th, 2017

Swimming pool, 5.4 km (1h 25′)

400 fs 
400 fs (paddles)
200 fs (pull)
200 fs (25 fast/25 easy);
500/400/300/200/100 @1’25” cycle (band) +
100/200/300/400/500 @1’20” cycle +
12 × 50 fs @40″;
400 dolphin kick (fins)
200 easy (pull)

Notes: for the main set of this session I decided to do less band and more swim than last week, and to do all straight one into the other, so there was no additional rest from the 500 band to the last 50. It was not as easy as I expected, but neither too hard. The 500 band was in 6’37”, 200 band in 2’33”, 400 fs in 4’56” and 200 fs in 2’24”.


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