Training 14th March, 2017

Swimming pool, 5.1 km (1h 15′)

(warm up) 1000 fs;
2 × 600 fs @8’30” (band) +
2 × 400 fs @5’40” (band) + 30″ extra rest +
6 × 200 fs @2’40” +
8 × 100 fs @1’20”;
100 easy

Notes: lately I said that I am loving using the rubber band. And so when I was asked to make up a program for todays’s session, I really had to add some. After taking off the band, I did the 200s in 2’25”, which is less than usual I think. So for now I am sticking to a protocol of swimming about half of the main sets with the band on a 1’25” cycle, the taking off the band and swim on a 1’20” cycle.


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