Training February 22nd, 2017

Swimming pool workout, 4 km

(warm up) 1000 fs;
6 × 50 @1’10” (25 kick/25 swim);
8 × 25 @40″ (kick);
12 × 25 fs @30″ (build up 1st to 4th);
5 × (2 × 50 + 100) fs @1’/55″/50″/45″/40″ cycle;
200 im skills;
8 × 25 fly @40″ + 200 easy;
600 fs (fins)

Notes: today I felt much better than yesterday. Tapering is kicking in for me too. I didn’t have any issue with my shoulder, which seems to be ok now. However I had troubles with both wrists, and I realized later today while lifting that it is due to power cleans I did yesterday. All these issue with weights are quite strange, because I am following the same program since 4 weeks ago and I have not increased weight, just reps. 


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