Training January 20th, 2017

Swimming pool workout, 4 km (1h 20′)

(warm up) 800 fs;
12 x 25 kick @45″ + 200 easy;
2 x (5 x 100) fs @2′ (1st 25 fast/75 easy, 2nd 50 fast/50 easy, 3rd 75 fast/25 easy, 4th fast, 5th easy; fast 100s in 1’04″/1’02”);
12 x 25 @40″ (fly/back);
16 x 37.5 fs @50″ (fast/easy; paddles) + 100 easy;
10 x 50 fs @1′ (fast, fins) + 200 easy

Notes: I did this session with my usual informal group. Most of times on Friday it’s speed work, such as today. This week I really welcome this kind of short and light workouts as I wanted to reduce a bit the volume. I also felt much better that the other days of this week, and I am satisfied of the 1’02” I came in the second fast 100m.


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