Training January 17th, 2017

Swimming pool workout (morning, 1h 20′; evening, 1h) 5.1 km + 2.8 km

(warm up)  1500 fs;
10 × 150 fs @2’05″/2’10″/2’15″/2’20″/2’25”;
4 × 250 fs @3’45” (paddles);
10 × 100 fs @1’20″/1’40” + 100 easy
light session with drills for open water swimming (breath on the left side, front sighting, turn at the T mark, drafting)

Notes: today I swam my first session with my new masters team. I decided to sign up finally for a masters team to start swimming in pool events from next month. The evening session is the one with the masters team, it was quite light and focused on drills for open water races. I swam the morning session with my usual informal group.


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