Training January 6th, 2017

Swimming pool workout, 4.4 km (1h 25′)

5 × 400 @7′ (150 fs/100 im/150 fs);
8 × 25 @30″ (progressively fast 1 to 4);
400 fs timed (in 4’53”);
16 × 37.5 ( 1/3 left arm, 1/3 right arm, 1/3 fs technique);
20 × 25 fs @30″ (kick fly/fly/kick fs/fs);
10 × 50 fs @1′ (fast) + 200 easy

Notes: Friday with the informal group is speed and sprint day. I expected to do something less on the 400 timed, but I think it’s not too bad either. Yesterday I was a bit stiff, but today was better. I hope to feel even better tomorrow at the Cottesloe mile. This week is low on volume, but with the Albany race and the Cott mile in the same week it couldn’t be better than this.


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