Training December 27th, 2016 (Mullaloo event postponed)

No people on the beach when I received the message that the round was abandoned

This should have been a meet post and not a training one, but the open water swimming competition scheduled for today at Mullaloo beach has been abandonded: swell 3.1m and wind 26.5 knots. So with the guys of the informal group of swimmers (who also were supposed to participate in the same event) we gathered at the swimming pool shortly after the abandonment notice and had a workout in instead. 5km, from 7am to 8:25am.

(warm up) 300 fs + 800 fs (band) + 400 fs + 400 kick;
3 × (5 × 200 fs) @2’45” (5th slow @3’30”)
100 easy

Notes: the workout doesn’t look hard at all, but I somewhat struggled. Positive notice is that my time on 200s got better with the second and then the third set, from 2’32~34″ (first set) to 2’25″~28″ (third set).


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