Training December 24th, 2016. 100 × 100s!

I think this training post deserves a bit more words than usual. Through a quick internet search a while ago I discovered that among swimmers in the English speaking world there is a sort of Christmas tradition (sometimes they do it for the New Year): 100 × 100s, hundred times hundred meters, which if you do the math is 10 km. Today was my first 100 × 100s, and also the first time I swam 10 km in a single swimming session since I was 21. Well, I did it. It took a bit less than two hours and half, precisely from 5:33am to 8:01am. Overall it was not extremely hard, however the 10 × 100s on 1’15” were tough and from 90 to 95 I felt quite stiff. You must constantly keep your concentration level high during the session to get through it without much troubles…and to avoid miscounting. Around one third I needed to pee and I though “don’t think about it, still a long way to go”. Around two third I felt hungry, and as soon as I arrived at home I had avocado with beef ribs and a cup of frozen cocoa whipped cream. At the end I said “it would be nice to do this a couple of times a month”.

I did this with the awesome guys of the informal group, however with one buddy we decided to make some adjustment to the program after the warm up, just to make it more interesting…and quicker. Here is how it came out.

5 × 100 fs @1’40”
5 × 100 fs @1’30”
5 × 100 fs @1’25”
5 × 100 fs @1’30”
5 × 100 fs @1’25” (end of warm up)
10 × 100 fs @1’20”
10 × 100 fs @1’20” (paddles)
10 × 100 fs@1’20” 
10 × 100 fs @1’25” (pull)
10 × 100 fs @1’15” (paddles)
10 × 100 fs @1’20”
10 × 100 fs @1’20” (paddles + pull)
2 × 100 fs @2′ (50 sprint/50 easy)
1 × 100 @2′ (50 fly sprint/50 easy)
2 × 100 easy (cool down)
Post script note: I didn’t have breakfast, as usual before my early morning session. I just add a generous shoot of cream to my coffee. I didn’t any carb up either, and everything was fine.


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