Training December 20th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 5.6 km (1h 25′)

(warm up) 1000 fs;
5 × 400 fs @5’30” (in 5′, last in 4’54”);
5 × 200 fs @2’40” (in 2’22″~2’24”);
5 × 100 fs @1’20” (in 1’12″~1’13”) +
10 × 50 fs @40″ (in 34″~35″) + 100 easy;
400 kick + 100 easy

Notes: today the workout was great. I swam with two buddies at the HBF Stadium at usual, but we meet up at 2pm and it was too hot outside, so we managed to swim inside. Set of 400s felt great, 200s also was ok. Fatigue begun to set in during the 100s, but I managed. Times were lower than I did recently, and with much less rest. Possible reasons are 1) more time to rest from the morning weight sessions, 2) or beef ribs for an high energy lunch, or 3) inside water is cooler and we had all the pool indoor for us, so we swam in one lane each.


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