Training December 16th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 4.5 km (1h 10′)

(warm up) 1000 fs;
6 x 200 fs @2’45″/2’55″/3’05” +
6 x 200 fs with paddles @2’45″/2’55″/3’05” + 100 easy;
500 (50 bf/50 fs); 500 fs (50 kick/50 pull buoy)

Notes: I decided to do a short workout because tomorrow the informal group planned a longer one, and also because in week 1 I don’t want to do much volume. The time of the first and fourth 200s without paddles was 2’21”, and that for those with paddles was 2’19” and 2’16”. For all the other 200s I was between 2’28″~2’29”. I wasn’t really smooth, but I didn’t thought I would have made these times today.



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