Training December 6th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 4km (1h)

(warm up) 1000 fs (600 swim/400 pull);
5 ×200 fs @2’50” (in 2’30″~2’31”) + 100 easy;
10 × 100 fs @1’25” (in 1’15”) + 100 easy;
800 fs (400 paddles/400 pull)

Notes: early morning workout. Just 4 km because I began reducing the volume, and also it happened that today I had to be at work earlier than usual. I also did the last strength training session last week Friday, so I wasn’t expecting to feel too much heavy. I was ok during the sets of 200s, a bit less during those of 100s, but overall I didn’t feel too bad. It’s also not bad that I kept the same pace for all the sets of 200s and 100s.


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