Training November 29th, 2016

Photo credits to my wife

Ocean swim workout, 2 km (30′)
Notes: today I had the opportunity to find a buddy from the informal group to go swim together in the Ocean. The original goal was 4 km, but today wind was above 35km/h and swells almost 2m, so we were forced to reduce the distance and to swim just from North Cottesloe to Cottesloe hotel and back. What I realized is that now I feel less “cold” the water and I do not shiver when I come out, despite the strong wind. I also learned that when you swim in strong chops you just have to let go your body along with the wave, and do not try to resist the surf, because the water is always going to win. Let glide your body between the swells, and it will became an almost relaxing swim.


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