Training November 25th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 5.2 km (1h 24′)

(warm up) 1000 fs;
15 x 100 fs @1’30” (50m sprint/50m slow) +
12 x 50 fs @50″ (25m sprint/25m slow) +
12 x 50 fs @50″ (1st 10 strokes sprint, then slow);
1000 fs paddles and pull buoy; 500 (25m kick/75m pull buoy)

Notes: Altough I increased the volume compared to last week Friday, this was still my weekly speed workout. It’s good to work on volume and long distance for open water races, but it’s even better to do some speed along with endurance and strength, to have a more rounded training program. Despite increasing the volume since last week, I kept the workout fairly ligth because 1) I did a strength session earlier in the morning (presses, deadlifts and rows) and 2) I signed up for a 2.5 km open water race tomorrow at Coogee.


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