Training November 22nd, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 6km (1h 36′)

(warm up) 1000 fs;
4  x 400 fs @6’15” (negative split, in 5’~5’10”) +
6 x 200 fs @3′ (negative split, in 2’30″~2’32”) +
10 x 100 fs @1’30” (negative split, in 1’15″~1’16”) + 100 easy;
1000 fs paddles and pull buoys + 100 easy


Notes: today workout was 6 km, and I am going to rise the volume until almost the end of the next week, before tapering. I felt that, after the 5 km last Sunday, I have to train better on changing speed during the race, because this can be a strategy for open water swimming races. At the beginning I had thought of doing more paddles work, but since I did thick bar presses and dumbbell rises (along with deadlifts) in the morning and then I headed to the pool just after, I didn’t want to overload excessively my shoulders for today. Today one of the assistant coaches of a local swimming team, who is preparing for the Rottnest, joined me and we did this workout together. I felt good this morning, more than expected, and the time I came in showed this. I don’t know if it is because of adaptation to the load, because I had breakfast before going to the pool, or because I had somebody training together.


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