Training November 18th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 4.3km (1h09′)

(warm up) 1000 fs; 24 × 100 fs paddles @1’30” (first 50m of each 100 as fast as possible) + 100 easy; 700 fs elastic band + 100 easy

Notes: I did this Friday workout in the morning, just after the lifting session at home, like I did last week. The lifting workout (thick bar overhead presses, thick bar deadlift and thick handle dumbbells row) felt easier than last week one even if I slighty increased the volume. The pool workout too felt just fine, without any issue. I felt better today, not like last week when I was left with not much in the tank after doing the two workout one soon after the other. 
From today  I am going to introduce some more main work with paddles, as a form of in-water sport specific strength training. 
I also have the informal group session tomorrow morning which will be about 5km and the 5km competition on Sunday, so I decided to keep this pool workout a bit low in volume to avoid increasing too much the overall weekly volume compared to last week one.


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