Training November 12th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 5km (1h 25′)

(warm up) 4 × 200 (75m fs/ 25m bs); 4 × 150 (single arm drills);
1000 fs race pace (also known as balls out); 100 easy
4 × 150 fs slow pace @2’30”
1000 fs race pace (same as above); 200 easy
3 × 150 (broken 3/4 bf and 1/4 bs); 250 easy

Notes: I did this workout together with my informal group, mostly of those preparing for the Rottnest. It was not easy at all, I would have never done 1000 fs balls out by myself neither once, let alone twice. Well, I realized two things: firtly, a pace around 13’/km is challenging for me in the swimming pool for just 1000m, I am curious to see what I can do on a 2.5km or 5km distance. I started great for 200m, the my shoulder became quite heavy, and from that point on technique was gone. Secondly, I really needed to join this group to do this kind of workout, they are very helpful for long distance training, even if I am not training for the Rottnest. Moreover this group is a bunch of awesome people.


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