Training November 11th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 5.4km (1h26′)

(warmp up) 500 fs; 20 × 100 fs @1’25” (in 1’14″~15″); 200 easy; 20 × 50 fs @50″ (10 strokes as fast as possible, then easy); 1500 fs pull buoy; 200 easy (50m bs/50m s)

Notes: today I did my strength training workout early first thing in the morning, and it consisted in thick barbell 0verhead presses, thick barbell deadlifts and some shoulder exercises. After that I had a breakfast (a deliciuos braised brisket and almonds) and then I headed to the swimming pool. Between the strength workout and the swimmig pool one I rested a total of one hour and half. Well, the swimming pool workout didn’t feel too good I must confess. It’ possible to do the two workout almost back to back, but maybe I should consider the load better until I get used to do this.


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