Training November 10th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 5km (1h 15′)

(warm up) 500 fs;
16 × 100 fs (4@1’20”, 4@1’40”, 4@1’25”, 4@1’35”) +
12 × 100 fs (3@1’20”, 3@1’40”, 3@1’25”, 3@1’35”) +
8 × 100 fs (2@1’20”, 2@1’40”, 2@1’25”, 2@1’35”) +
4 × 100 fs (1@1’20”, 1@1’40”, 1@1’25”, 1@1’35”);
500 easy (25m bs/75m fs)

Notes: I did this workout at 5:30am with a group of people that gather informally to train together at the HBF Stadium, like last week Thursday. I am planning to join this group every week on Thursday and Saturday mornings and to take a rest from strength training in these days. Most of these people are preparing for the Rottnest Channel cross swim in February, and even if I am not training for that same swim marathon, their workload is going to increase progressively as I wanted to do with mine. Moreover, they seem quite experienced with open water, therefore I have plenty to learn from them. The workout itself today was not extremely hard, quite doable indeed. This style of workout with just few and short rests helps me building endurance for medium open water races.


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