Training October 30th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 6km (1h 37′)

(warmp up) 1000 fs; 16 × 100 fs @1’30” (in 1’12”); 100 easy; 2 × (6 × 50 fs) @40″ (in 35″) + 100 easy; 2000 fs paddles and pull buoy; 500 kick

Notes: maybe beacause I did a bit of weight training (squats, high pulls and elastic band work) early in the morning and then I started the swimming workout at 10am, but at the beginning I didn’t feel very smooth. Then I felt better after warming up and I am surprise of having done the set of 100 fs in 1’12″(average, and I was quite regular). The two series of 50 fs were much challenging, I think that I must start keeping resting time shorter.

Great weather for a swim on Sunday morning

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