Training October 20th, 2016

Swimming pool workout, 4.6km (1h 11″)

(warm up) 1000 fs; 12×200 fs @3′ (in 2’37”), 100 easy; 10×100 fs paddles @1’30” (in 1’16”), 100 easy

Notes: I felt even less smooth than yesterday. I felt shoulders heavy through all the workout, and I had the feeling that hips were sinking. I hoped to do a few seconds less on the 200 fs series but I couldn’t. This morning I did power cleans and front squat as weight training. My plan is to keep on with increasing intensity with weight training until early next week, then doing some easy swimming specific lifting before the meet next week Saturday. I believe that a strong muscle has always endurance.

Here is the HBF Stadium complex, where I train. Actually I workout in the outdoor pool.

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